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Interview, presentation and public speaking

I love to train people and build their confidence in public speaking mastery, interviews and presentation techniques. Although these skills translate into all fields of work, honing these skills can be great fun too and something that everybody can benefit from. In the past I’ve had the privileged of launching community initiatives, with my most recent being ‘Passport to Success’. I would still love to say a big thank you to Tang Hall Big Local, the Ed de Nunzio Charitable Foundation and to York Lions Club for funding to support this work. ‘Passport to Success’ was a community interest company which was established in 2013 until 2016 and through this I was able to extend my coaching services so that everybody could take part.

Building confidence so you can shine wherever you are

My coaching services are extensive, from training and coaching youth and those in the corporate world, to equipping and building up adults their presentation skills for fun or for work. As well as training people professionally, I also love to develop people personally. To help them grow their resilience, discipline, perseverance, independence and ability to think creatively. I love to encourage people to flourish in a safe, positive environment. And I love to encourage everyone to work to the best of their ability and to strive for excellence. 

My interview, presentation skill and public speaking coaching services include:

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