Winter Newsletter 2018

Merry Christmas from Nurture Talent

Seasons greetings!!

A little update on our Newsletters

Just so you know, our newsletters will come out twice a year. We know everybody is busy and we do hope you will take the chance to read through our news. There will be lots of information together with a little messages from me.

ACTING ALERT!! January bespoke industry workshop

We have organised for a bespoke industry workshop to run in the new year!! The purpose of which to encourage, inform and equip young people about the profession. In fact, I would like to organise a few industry opportunities every year but I am also keen to make sure that the opportunities are worthwhile and are of maximum value for all involved, so I will be discerning. The first one is planned for January 27th in York. It is on a Sunday and the cost of the session is £70.

For this workshop we are thrilled that we will be joined by Rick Laxton – a casting agent who has worked on Disney, Nickelodeon, Holly-oaks and CBBC!! Young people will get the opportunity to work with him and be given tips of how to approach a script for camera. They will also have the opportunity to film their work and for those on Spotlight these tapes can be uploaded to their Spotlight profile. It goes without saying that he will have his talent scout hat on so it’s one not to be missed! The full workshop will be £70. I will be present all day at the workshop, so do not fear, and my role will be as a facilitator especially as our kids will not know Rick. I will also talk with my students about Equity Membership that protects young people and ensures they get fair pay and working conditions

Each group will be broken down into a 60 min mock audition workshop and then we will film the students in pairs.

What Rick will video is called a “filmed audition” which can be put on spotlight. A showreel is something different which would require a crew a full days filming for 2 students and would be considerably more money.

The filmed audition will showcase the talent and acting ability of each student which will be suitable for casting directors to watch when making their selections and decisions on spotlight. All they really need to see is if the child can act.

Rick will supply the scripts which will be from TV shows already aired. We will need a list of the actors ages, names and gender to select the scripts. For more information on what to expect click here.

The opportunity to get professional headshots

We will also have a photographer, Andrea, present on the day assisting Rick. If you would like head-shots to be taken please do call Amanda who can discuss a time to take the head-shots. Amanda likes to shoot outside as the light is more natural and charges an introductory rate of £50 per shoot. Edited files sent via email to the client. Go to andrea’s website for more information

Earlier this month Nurture Talent featured in The Press showing that Miracles can happen. Have a peek by following this link:

Advent is the season when the seemingly impossible becomes possible

At this time of Advent we remember the Miracle Birth of a baby born in a manger to a Virgin named Mary. My job as personal manager is to set high standards. To encourage young people into opportunities that they didn’t think they were capable of. As we approach a New Year I want to encourage all young people to do their best at all the things they do. Always be reliable, work hard, be kind and courteous it’s a small world we live in and these qualities go a long way in making the world a better place. Remember the most important character you will ever play is yourself so create characters that you would be proud to showcase if a film was made of your life.

In 2019 I wait in expectation to see us as a partnership achieve more than we have achieved to date!! I would like to see every young person get the opportunity to be involved in a short film or T.V production next year. I want to see the miraculous becoming something more normative within the agency. I heard a brilliant podcast this morning around Advent that inspired me to write this newsletter today. The speaker, Matthew Porter said, “At the first advent Mary was called by God by an angel to become the virgin mother of his son. Advent is the season when the seemingly impossible becomes possible. The unusual and miraculous happens and still happens today. We want to see the seemingly impossible happen in our region of York in 2019.

Bring it on!

With love Frances x

Frances Simon Nurture Talent
Frances Simon Nurture Talent
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