Summer Newsletter 2017

Nurture Talent Newsletter Summer

Before you all rush off on your summer holidays I wanted to let you know a few things:

  • The agency has had a name change. It is now Nurture Talent Personal Management Agency. As a growing business, it has become bigger than it was 4 years ago.  As of last summer, we exchanged contracts with a large international company, Netflix, and a change in brand name was desired from my perspective.  It is exciting to be partnering agent on this series – Free Rein.  I look forward to partnering with other national film and T.V companies in the future and seeing the young people flourish.
  • The agency will continue to operate in the same way and the name just highlights the core fundamental value of the agency which is to… Nurture talent. When recording self-tapes or going to castings it is important that you announce the agency name as the more it is heard around industry professionals the better.
  • Self -tapes – With the industry being as competitive as it is, the need for having a show-reel of work has become more important to enable young people to stand out from the rest. It is understood that many young people have no professional experience so a self-tape enables young people to show off their potential.  It is important that your self-tape shows you at your best.  For those of you who have been working on scripts and are ready to book an appointment with James he should be available from August onwards. His contact details are as follows:  Tel : James Drury 07903886787 Email :  Anyone thinking about doing a self-tape but not yet worked on your scripts I will be back from holidays on the 15th August and can discuss things with you then.
  • Finally, I am going away tomorrow to Ghana, with my daughter. I expect it will be an emotional trip as it is where my mum and dad were born and raised and I have never been so looking forward to it.  I will have access to the internet but Kate Gray will also be in the agency office putting young people up for things.  As I always mention it is important that you flag up immediately if you are going to be away. I have had a couple of people let me know that they are going away please text me today if you are going to be away as we cannot have Kate putting you up for things if you are not going to be around.  After today Kate will be the contact in the office on 07790957216 or  and she has your details. I will have access to the internet whilst I am away as well but am on holiday so will pick up things sporadically.

Great to see more and more of the young people getting the opportunity to go for castings and to self-tape.  Onwards and upwards and happy holidays.


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