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Hope you are all well and enjoying life.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Nuquari and Adansi in our agency about their latest endeavors. Below you’ll find my interview with Nuquari Amoateng and Adansi Amoateng who are currently involved with Motown Camp. Motown camp is a dance, singing and acting programme that has been running for the last 7 weeks in London. They are in search of a young Michael Jackson for a new West End show. So we are thrilled that Nuquari and Adansi have had this opportunity through us!!

My interview with Nuquari Amoateng and Adansi Amoateng…

Frances: So Nuquari …How old are you and how did you get into Motown Camp?

NuquariNuquari: I am 9 years old and I first had an audition where I had to practise a dance and song from ‘I want you back’ . I got through because I danced well and sang very well.

Frances: I like your confidence. Yes feedback came back that you and your brother were asked to stay for the whole workshop and were invited onto Motown Camp. So what happens for you now on a Friday after school?

Nuquari: Well, we leave school a bit earlier but the last couple of weeks we have had to leave school on time as our head-teacher doesn’t want us to miss too much. We have our own dance teacher Brandon and keep learning ‘I want you back’ Now we have a new dance teacher and learning a new dance…’A Land of A Thousand Dances’.

Frances: Where do you go for rehearsals every week?

Nuquari: Pineapple Studios in London

Frances: What is your favourite bit about Motown Camp?

Nuquari: I get to sing and Dance and act. We get to be assessed every week and told how we are improving.

Frances: How many other children are there?

Nuquari: 14

Frances: What role are you hoping to get?

Nuquari: Michael Jackson

Frances: Great…now let’s speak to your brother. Hi Adansi. How old are you and how are you finding Motown Camp?

AdansiAdansi: Hi I am 8 and I am finding it a little tricky sometimes. I have to practise turns and claps. I need to improve my freestyle. You have to keep thinking about what to do

Frances: What is your favourite part of Motown camp?

Adansi: Freestyle and claps

Frances: So the most challenging part is your favourite part. That’s great! Have you made friends being at Motown Camp?

Adansi: Yes, I’ve made four friends!

Frances: What would you like to happen as a result of being in Motown Camp?

Adansi: To be in the West End

Frances: Great. Now a very quick chat to Mum… So Dentaa how long have the boys been involved in Motown camp

DentaaDentaa: It’s been about 7 weeks

Frances: So they are meeting industry professionals. That is good.

Dentaa: Yes they are doing o.k. We are not allowed to go in and we don’t get much feedback. I am excited for them and am hoping that I can see them in the West End – but even if they don’t the confidence that it has given them will enable them to do better on their next auditions..

Frances: Quite right. Final assessment week is in a few weeks. We wish the boys all the very best!

It’s been all go at our agency and Leila, Rohan Korolkiewicz and Martha Shakeshaft have all had auditions last week as well for the hit show Matilda which will tour in the UK. Speaking to Martha after the audition she said she enjoyed it and was asked to stay for the whole workshop. She sang ‘This is Me’ from the greatest Showman and gave a gutsy rendition of the powerful number. Wishing them all the very best!

Rohan and Leila
Rohan and Leila from Nurture Talent Agency

Join in our Nurture Talent Showcase this June in London!

To those of you wanting a piece of the action our plan is to present a showcase of work to industry professionals in June. We are looking for a Friday in June – either June 22/ 29th June. This would be a day in London with a showcase around 5 pm. A Friday early evening seems best for casting agents who would more likely come on a Friday early evening as many don’t live in London and are travelling home on a Friday night.

Young people would prepare a Monologue to show off their work and whilst it is hoped that we will have a good turnout of casting agents coming along I should stress that this is not guaranteed. I am aware that in America meeting new talent is a big thing but in Britain it is less of a preoccupation. The most important thing is that the young people are prepared to showcase their work and I am working with Spotlight in London to contact as many casting directors about the event.

Please confirm if you would like your child to take place in our Nurture Talent showcase in front of industry professionals this June in London. You will need to let me know if you are available for both of these dates or which will be the better date for you (22nd AND/OR 29th June 2018). I will need your availability by Sunday 22nd April at the very latest so correspondence can be made with Spotlight and casting agents in good time.

When you are away…

Once again it is important to let me know when you will be away or unavailable for work. Last half-term we had people away who hadn’t told me and as a result were put up for things they couldn’t make! I had to turn down self tape opportunities to casting agents which is a BIG SHAME. All it takes is a simple email to let me know.

Important notice for those of you with up and coming G.C.S.E. exams or Finals:

I am aware that some of you are embarking on G.C.S.E’s after the Easter break and I want to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best with your exams.

For those undertaking exams: I would like to take this opportunity to you advise that you should freeze your Spotlight membership as I am currently not able to put you up for things if you are in the thick if study leave and exams.

You can be very quickly reinstated once exams are over.

Meanwhile wishing you all a very happy Easter and happy holidays.

Frances Simon

Frances Simon Nurture Talent
Frances Simon Nurture Talent
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