Young Person's Agency

We love to help people develop their skills and grow in confidence, whether just for fun or to go towards launching a career in the performing arts.

Being part of the agency gives young people an insight into the professional world of performance. They learn to be resilient as it is not guaranteed that they will get to audition in front of a casting director or even that they would secure the role. Throughout the year, industry workshops are held to equip young people for the castings.

At Spotlight

Spotlight membership and professional work

Once enrolled on one of our coaching programmes, talented young performers will be hand selected and invited to join our agency Nurture Talent where they can apply for Spotlight membership. Performers on Spotlight are recognised by agents and casting professionals as the most talented in the industry, both nationally and internationally, and I will be there throughout your journey to guide you through photoshoots, auditions and landing professional work, whether in film, theatre, television or radio. 

Here are some of the adventures that our young people have already had.

Filming - Trailer for The Chaplain
Filming for DAMSON Advert
Filming - Trailer for The Chaplain
At Spotlight - the home of Casting
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