In a research survey, public speaking was ranked the #1 fear among many people. But that doesn't have to be your experience...

Join the "No More Fear of Public Speaking Course" A 5-Week Coaching Program developed especially for professionals who want to overcome their fear of public speaking in a matter of weeks

It's time to put to rest those public speaking nerves and to stand tall and confident as you address your audience. 

One of the biggest hurdles any professional faces is standing up in front of peers and delivering a speech without brain fog, jelly legs, anxiety and stumbling over your words. By enrolling for just 1 hour for the course of 5 weeks, this doesn’t have to be something you stumble over.

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Course Topics

Developed after successfully equipping countless individuals to stand up in front of strangers and peers to deliver a flawless speech, we will go through everything you need to get ready for that special event where you can shine, instead of stress.

Week 1

How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking. Here we smash through negative mindsets & past experiences.

Week 2

Projection & Diction. Learn how to breathe and speak with clarity & authority. Learn about the "Four P's" technique.

Week 3

How to Protect your Voice. With warm up exercises, and professional tips so you will sound your best at all times.

Week 4

How to Structure your Talk like a Pro. Learn how to avoid brain fog and create a talk you can easily remember.

Week 5

Practice makes Perfect! With the opportunity to stand up and deliver a practice speech with confidence.


I hugely enjoyed my public speaking coaching sessions with Frances. Her wealth of experience, passion and encouragement have given me a huge boost in skills and confidence. I now know how to speak to be heard and am thoroughly prepared to take on any speaking engagement.
Practice Manager (Practice Manager of the Year 2022 Finalist)
Frances’s lessons on public speaking and articulation are invaluable. Thanks to her guidance, I now feel much more confident and effective when presenting and speaking to others. Her patient and skillful teaching has given me the tools I need to articulate my thoughts clearly, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their presentation skills.
Business student
I wanted to spread the word about my community group, but found myself naturally shy and self conscious when using my voice in public. We worked through a program that enabled me to re-think how I used my voice, taught me to be more expressive, and built my confidence through practice and repetition. I still have a copy of the exercises we worked on together and will re-visit them before getting up on stage.
Ben Porter
Founder, York Creatives
Frances Simon

Meet your coach

Frances Simon

Bio: Hi, my name is Frances Simon and I am a Speech and drama coach. For the last 18 years I have taught public speaking courses which have enabled individuals to flourish on stage. 

I am a professional actress who is able to use performance skills to equip those in a corporate setting, so that others can reach their full potential when communicating  to others in public. 

Frances Simon

"It doesn't take much to transform a nervous speaker into a person who can confidently deliver a well-received speech - just a little tips of the trade and know-how. We all have important things to say and a voice that matters. I believe that this will be your chance to shine, so let's do this together!"

With decades of experience, Frances has been able to consolidate everything you need to know into a 5 week course, comprising of 60min weekly sessions. 

This course will be delivered in person, but virtually via Zoom. This means you can engage from the comfort of your home.

The best experience will be to attend live where you can engage and interact with Frances, but if you are unable to, don’t worry – you will have the opportunity to rewatch or catch up on replay as needed for the duration of the course itself.

You can ask questions during the live training and outside of this, Frances will endeavour to answer your questions as soon and as practically possible via email or text. After the course, if you would like continued support you will have the opportunity to work with Frances 1-2-1 as one of her  coaching clients if wanted.

Sadly not. This course is a time limited event.

Time sensitive

It's time to overcome anxiety when public speaking. Let me show you how.

TIME SENSITIVE: In this 5-WEEK course you will get LIVE TRAINING from Frances Simon – Speaking Expert, Actor, Drama and LAMDA coach. With decades of experience, you can benefit from her extensive skillset and know-how starting on Weds 26th April at 12-1pm UK Time.