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Nurture Talent Newsletter Spring

Special mention to Leila Korolkiewicz, Ewan Croft and Matthew Ramalingam for your sterling efforts in learning and producing self-tapes in such a short space of time. It can never be underestimated how tricky a task this is as young people are given such a short time to prepare. It was great that they got the opportunity to have some interest from a leading casting agent and we are still waiting to hear back re: Ewan and his film role. Interesting to note from feedback that often it comes down to a particular look that they have in mind. It is very subjective and it is important that young people remain positive and resilient in this precarious profession.

Some successes this term…

Bethany-Hannah at front of the bus and Milly Gray and Megan Lloyd behind as they film an advert for Damson Audio, and Miriam on set filming a headphones advert for Damson Audio.


Keep learning scripts to keep the memory muscle working. Do watch T.V and films like Sunny Pawar shares about in the article which features in the newsletter. Ensure you prepare to do a self- tape if you haven’t already got one. A special mention also goes out to Milly Rafferty who secured a short film role with Film producer Paul Richardson. Paul has worked with our young people on other projects and strongly recommends that young people invest in a self-tape. He mentions choosing a young person with a self-tape over a young person without one as he needs to be able to see that they can deliver.



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